Booking Form for Hattoji International Villa and Hattoji Sanso

Please fill out yours infomation correctly.
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When your reservation request is accepted, we will send you a confirmation form (pending vacancies). Reservations can be made 2 months in advance. For more details, please check the Help Desk page.

1.Name (incl. title) ( Mr. / Ms.)[お名前]

2.Current Address [住所]

3.(Post code)[郵便番号]

4.Country (Outside Japan)

5.Phone Number [電話番号]

6.F a x Number [FAX番号]

7.Country Code (International only)

8.Means of transport to the Villa Public Transport / Car [ご利用交通機関]

9 If travelling, please let us know your phone/fax number in Japan [携帯電話の番号]

  (in case we need to contact you before you check in.

10E mail address [Eメールアドレス]: 

11Name of the Villa [ヴィラの名前]

(International Villa)

12Date    Month    Year     Day [予約日]

13Arrival Date (Check-in date)[チェックイン日]

14Departure Date(Check-out date)[チェックアウト日]

15Number of Nights (up to 7 nights)[宿泊日数]      night(s)

16Number of Adults (Total number of beds required. All children over 8 years old and children who require their own bedding are considered as adults.) [ベット/布団使用人数][8歳以上のお子様は添い寝できません]

17Details of Adults [ベット/布団使用人数内訳]
(1)Number of Non-Japanese [外国人数]

(2)Number of Japanese [日本人数]

(3)Number of Children (over 8 years old/Non-Japanese)[8歳以上の外国人の子供の人数]

(4)Number of Children (over 8 years old/Japanese)[8歳以上の日本人の子供の人数]

18Number of Children (7 years and under, sharing bed. *Hattoji=Free, Shiraishi Island=1,000yen /child /night)[7歳以下で添い寝されるお子様の人数]

19Preferred room style (Japanese/Western) [ご希望の部屋(洋室・和室)]

  (Room styles can vary from villa to villa. Request only.)

20Number of rooms required [必要な部屋数]